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Testimonials from participants

Starting up, growing, and maintaining a successful business isn’t easy. The experience comes with ups and downs, and navigating these requires owners to develop and apply a variety of skills. Mastermind+ introduced me to some useful skills and techniques in a quick-fire way. I valued the perspectives and advice from hardened entrepreneurs on the things I was stuck on, and the back-and-forth was good. I also enjoyed thinking about other people’s challenges and sharing insights based on my own experiences.


Daniel Sutjahjo
Co-founder, Pikaplant

Being an entrepreneur, you are constantly dealing with challenges. Having the chance to rely on a group of like-minded entrepreneurs and insightful experts for solutions that affect your day-to-day business and long-term strategy, is invaluable. Mastermind+ gave me the opportunity to think differently and solve real life problems through very engaging sessions. I highly recommend it to founders / owners and C-level executives.


Panos Sarlanis
Co-founder, IamExpat Media

It’s not often you’re given the opportunity for other business owners to have a birdseye view of your own business. It was also a rewarding exercise to step back and sit in someone’s shoes for a few sessions. Breaking up the day-to-day and conjuring up fresh perspectives is always time well spent.

brad vanstone

Brad Vanstone
Founder, Willicroft

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Testimonials from experts

It was a pleasure speaking at mastermind+. Adis is a sharp leader, aptly facilitating the discussion around the marketing, sales and strategy growth for the scale-up leaders in the group. The mark of a true mastermind facilitator is phenomenal listening skills, coupled with a solid grip on the expertise and ability to ask the right questions at the right time that challenge and guide the leader to break through their blind spots. I highly recommend Adis’s mastermind group for scaleup leaders looking to strengthen their organisation from within during and after the corona crisis.


Sangbreeta Moitra
TEDx speaker and advisor on change

I had the opportunity to join as an expert a mastermind+ session on «Maintaining productivity and a strong team spirit». The level of trust built after a couple of weeks between the participants already was blowing my mind. Bravo to Adis and her team! It is truly a sharing and learning experience between you as an expert and each of the participants, two hours of togetherness and action, so your problems are resolved with smart solutions built up from each other’s interventions! Sharing with such quality is rare!

expert 3

Marie-Philippe Vanheems
Operational excellence expert

While working with Adis, you can notice that she has a drive for supporting others getting you further, and a natural curiosity for understanding others’ situations and needs. During mastermind+, she creates a comfortable space to express ideas and gives clarity in direction. She is open, has an eye for making interconnections and works with inspiring quality to help her clients make the next step.

expert 1

Hizell Regalado
Creative mindset booster

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